Unicyclists in Florida

Just out of curiosity, how many unicyclist here are in Florida ?

I found a few already:

Accordnsx - Orlando

BillNye - “Sunny Florida”

Brian P. - Ocala, Florida

DSchmitt - St. Augustine

Florida - Clearwater

Michael Goround - Panama City

StetsonSteve - Central Florida (probably Orlando, since Stetson University IS in Orlando

Unibugg - “Florida”

Unouni - Ocala

and myself.

Anyone else ?

I’m in Cape Coral, I haven’t seen any other unis here in the 14 years I’ve been living here.

New member here, in South Miami area. I’ve been falling for about 9-10 months, just starting to get the hang of freemounting.

Just got my friend to buy his first, so that makes two of us. Recently saw a unicyclist waiting for a bus on Kendall Drive and I heard of someone who rides around his neighborhood near the Zoo.

Florida pls

I’m in South Orlando new to unicycling but none in my locale

Unicyclists in Florida

I live in Sarasota and been know to Muni with BillNye from time to time.