unicyclists in eng

Hi my new nimbus trials uni is on the way and I was wondering if there are any unicyclists in surrey, eng.

Wow - Well I work abroad, but am around West Byfleet and Guildford sometimes. Where are you?


unicyclists in eng

yeah im between guildford and farnham. what type of unicycling r u into.

i love those town names!!! theres also a surrey in canada! cookey. no not cookey, like what u eat, i guess kooky! would be better.

Unicon VIII, the 8th world championship of unicycling, was held in Guildford, which I believe is in Surrey. That was 1996, and was the first Unicon on the continent. Unfortunately most of us went home afterward, and I don’t know if any of the organizers live near Guildford…

Re: unicyclists in eng

I have a 24" Muni - riden in Richmond Park London a couple of times, have a 20" and 24" normal uni - like to practice my skills for the ranks - mainly do that here where I work.

Working on one footed and backward circles.

Perhaps we should meet up sometime in Guildford or near by, my own email address is huthwaite@gmail.com drop me a line.

Even though I’ve attempted to ride with other unicyclist - I have failed, as yet, been riding for one year and I’ve not met a single other person who can ride one!



I live the other end of the Blackwater Valley road, near Blackbushe Airport / Yateley Common. Mainly do 29" / Coker road riding and some Muni.

Hockey is played in Horsham (too far for me to get to for an evening). There are a couple of other Muni riders in your direction, here’s Mike’s link http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20879&highlight=farnham

Somebone (thinuniking?) is moving to Winchester soon and I think does trials.

Three of us met up a couple of weeks ago for a ride in the North Downs, which is close to Guildford. Use the search button on this website and you should be able to find details of previous events around here in the past.



im not really any good, i mean i can ride and stuff but i was just wondering if there was anyone who could teach me how to hop and pedalgrab. Cheers though fontimental and Keg.