Unicyclists in Dublin, Ireland?

I was wondering if there are any unicyclists in dublin that are around my age (13)? Or are there any uni get-togethers in dublin? Anything would help, thanks:).

Hi Eric,

I’m in Donegal and way too old, so I hope you find someone closer and younger!


thanks steve!

Don’t forget about the forum’s map function. The link is in the top right hand corner next to the “donate” link (which you might revisit once you reach the age of earning).Enter your latitude and longitude and see if there is anyone close. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

the map isnt working for me


How about Galway in the west of Ireland? :smiley:

Hi guys !
Me and a couple of friends are going to univisit Ireland !
We will stay in Dublin for a week (from july 05th to 12th), and then go through the North for another week and a half: Galway, Connemara, Belfast,…).

We will be happy to meet some unicyclists, and why not, to make a ride together !

Feel free to contact me !