Unicyclists in Des Moines Iowa?

Are there any other Unicyclists in Des Moines?
I always hit the trails alone - are there any others, or people who are interested in riding?

There used to be a bunch in Ames at ISU. I used to get down thee once in a while to ride with them. I haven’t ridden much in the last 4 years. :frowning:

Mojoe in north-east Iowa

I visited there in the summer of 1982, when ISU had a club called the Unicycling Federation of Earth. :slight_smile:

I ride the center trails every weekend it is great for unicycles and gets quite technical in places. I am two spots away from getting though the whole thing without putting a foot down. email me if anyone ever wants to meet down there.

Bo (bgeigley@hotmail.com)

Bueller… Bueller…

I see this thread isn’t too recent, but are there any riders in Des Moines? I am a beginner who would like to hook up with some others to do some Muni on the Center Trails, Sycamore Trails, or a Ewinig Park.

I saw some teenagers dropping in to the Denmans a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t talk much. There is a Uni club in Des Moines, but i do not think it is too active.


I am still here - and ride often. I will pm you my info and we can meet up for a ride.

I run the Des Moines Unicycle Club facebook page along with a few other people. If we have enough interest in the area we’re looking for rides on Friday nights or Sunday afternoons. Go check us out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DesMoinesUnicycleClubdmuc

Also most every Wednesday and Thursday nights we go up to Ames for ISUJUC to ride and juggle with their unicyclists.

Made a trip to Center Trails on Saturday. Rode the last 100 meters of Roller Coaster and the section of J11 closest to the Ashworth Pool parking lot. Did each segment multiple times. Definitely need to work on my mounting and hopping. Little twigs made mounting challenging.


I also encountered about a dozen different people walking dogs. Every single dog was spooked by the unicycle.


What size uni do you use for riding the Des Moines area trails Center, Sycamore, and the new ones by the Soap Box Derby run? Does one size uni fit all, or do you use different sizes for different trails? The reason I ask, is that I have a generic 24" uni. though I am still not very good, I am thinking of upgrading. Just wondering what works best for the Des Moines trails.

I saw the video review of the Nimbus Oregon… Those look way cool, but definitely out of my price range.


For the off road trails, I use a Kris Holm 29er and a Surly Conundrum 26 with a Surly Larry tire. I also have a Surly Conundrum 24 and a Kris Holm 36er which do not get as much use. This year I have mainly been riding the KH29 - it works great on the trails here. I would recommend the KH26 or KH29.

Most of the riders in the area that come to unicycle club now own a 20" freestyle (most have torker lx pro’s) and a 19" trials (assortment of kh, nimubs, and koxx one) when we head out to the single tracks we just take our trials and one of us has an actual muni (I believe a kh 24) The single tracks around Des Moines are nothing compared to other places. Great way to start off Muni, but try and take a vacation to somewhere more hilly and challenge yourself.

Uni spotted on way to work

On my way to work this morning, I saw someone pushing a uni into the apartments at 30th and Grand. In the past, I have seen someone (the same person?) riding a uni in that area. Is that anyone that belongs to this board?

it was not me - but when can we meet up a Denman’s Trail? With a day of notice, I can usually get out for a ride ( I have 2 kids ).

WDMUnicyclist - I made my first trip to Denmans today. I was not able to ride very much of the access trail from N. Valley Drive to the start of Denmans. It was too narrow for my skill level.

Starting at the entrance to Denmans, I made it to Little Italy in about 35 minutes. Little Italy is the section where the trail goes up a tiny mound with with trees on each side, dips down, then goes up another tiny hill between two trees with significant exposed roots.

The ride was comprised of many 50 - 200 meter segments. 200 meters is about all I could do at a time. The ride back was a little faster, but I was still ready for a break after about 200 meters.

I would love to go back Saturday, but it sounds like it will be raining.