Unicyclists in Des Moines, IA

I know that there must be some other unicyclists in the Des Moines area besides myself. Where and when do you ride? Since I am still a newbie, riding since the end of February, most of my riding has been on the streets around my house, after work and on weekends. I have started to venture into the local park, Quail Cove, for some light Muni riding. I plan to ride Denmans and some of the other Center trails once they dry out and recover from the recent flooding. I would also like to try out Banner, and Peterson Pits.

There used to be a big unicycle club in Chairton, about 60 miles south. They hosted the 1991 and 1996 Unicycling Society of America conventions there, but since the club leaders’ kids have grown up, the club may have faded away.

I rode in a parade in Des Moines once. It was in 1994, while I was passing through on my way moving to California. I stayed with the Edwards family in Chariton, and we drove up to Des Moines the next morning and rode in a D.A.R.E. parade. Very odd, a parade on a weekday.

Sorry that’s such old news. I hope you find yourself some current riders for the now. Unicyclists are springing up all over the place!

John, thanks for the reply! I also believe that there is a small club at Iowa State Univrsity, about 40 miles north, in Ames. From reading old posts, there ws also a guy named Mojoe that was pretty active a couple of years ago. Though, I couldn’t find any recent posts from him.


Just wanted to let all the crazy Des Moines area MUNI riders that Denmans, Squirrels Nest, J11, and the Monkey Pit are still flooded. The water is stagnant and stinky. Hillside and Rollercoaster are rideable, but don’t forget you mosquito repellent. It looks like a banner year for the skeeters.

Also, the paved trail is still under water/sludge at the trestle.

I do not know about Sycamore or Banner.


Anybody know any young unicyclists in ames ia I’m 14 and I’ve never ridden with another person and think I wound enjoy to!