Unicyclists in DC area?

Hey, I don’t have anyone to ride with, and havnt been able to convert any of my friends (yet). SO, is there anyone out there in the washington DC area? I ride mainly trials, with a bit of street mixed in there. PLEASE respond if you ride in the area!

wait a minute, is that Max?

Maybe… maybe not…

I’m down in Richmond, but my folks live in NoVa. I may put together a little muni/trials weekend down here sometime in Nov. if you’re interested.

That would be sooo sweet. Let me know when you will be doing it and ill see if my parents would drive me down.

Im there.

Hey, Im from northern va/DC, but Im down at school at virginia tech right now. What type of unicycling do you usually do? I have a coker and a trials.


Downtown DC here. Over by the monuments.

If I was in the area I would say we should all meet up, but I probably wont be back till november/thanksgiving break.

Qball, check your PMs.

Hell on wheel, check your PMs.

Hello ya’ll,
Was going to start a new thread but saw this one and thought I’d post in it instead. The company I work for (www.acorncv.com) is going to dispute resolution with the FDA on Dec 15th and I am planning on attending it. This will be my first time in DC and want to site see on Saturday the 16th and Sunday before I head back home. My works paying for Thurs and Friday night hotel so I’m wondering if anyone would let me stay with them Saturday night and/or show me around all the good sites? I’m thinking of bringing my trials to ride around from place to place and play around a little while site seeing but don’t know if it’s allowed? If it is, then I could bring it and we could go for a trials/street ride on Sat or Sunday or both… Please PM me if you’d be interested in hosting me as a guest. I’ll more than likely be busy until Saturday but might have some time on Thursday the 14th as well…

I would love to ride, but I cant host you as im only 12:(

Anyone else?

I live close to DC (Fairfax VA), and I might be able to have you crash at my place. I need to check my finals schedule because I might not be back in Fairfax then, but I know my finals end around that time. I will let you know shortly.

Thanks. Just let me know when you know…

Still looking for a place to crash on December 16th and people to show me around and ride with me on the 16th and 17th. Any takers?

OK, this is the last time I try finding a unicycler to stay and ride with on December 16-17th. Any takers? Otherwise I’ll resort to couchsurfing.com.

Send me a PM letting me know when youll be up for a ride. Sorry I cant host you :frowning: