Unicyclists in Christchurch (NZ)

Hello everybody!

I’m Francesc (makla) from Spain and I’ll be on the Unicon next month :stuck_out_tongue: I’m already in NZ, studying on Christchurch. Do somebody practice MUNI (or any other modality) here?

Do you have any kind of meeting place in the city? I would like to join you while I’m on the city :smiley: (2 more weeks).

My kiwi mobile number: 0226468027

Thanks and see you on Wellington!

Hey !

I’ll be in New-Zealand fro december 1st to January 31thr for the convention and a sweet Muni trip of 2 month ! (you got to make good use of a +/- 20h flight from Montreal !).

My trip will most probably take me all the way to Christchurch where I heard there is some nice Muni to do there.

I plan to go unicyling in Tauranga, Roturua, Tongariro National Park and on Mont Egmont on the North Island, but I have nothing prepare for the South one !

If you have any suggestions I’d be glad to listen to them, plus it would be really fun to ride with you !

Let me know, we could talk more about that in welly,

Take care,


Oh boy, Alex is gonna like you.
Chch, have weekly club meetings from what I remember.

I’ll tell Alex to get in contact with you.

Happy riding!!! :smiley:

Edit: Ahhh! All these random things about unicon are starting to pop up. So exciting.

There is a unicycle club run by people at canterbury university. We meet 7pm Tuesday evenings at Victoria square.
There are a few of us who ride muni and there are some nice downhill tracks on the port hills. There is a cross country track and trials setup at bottle lake.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to ride muni next but I’m sure that Alex (skieralex) would be keen

What sort of muni do you like. Downhill, cross country? I’m busy studying for exams at the moment but I will be finished on tuesday the 24th of November. I may have time before then as well. I’ll have to see how much study I have to do.

I texted you.

Thanks everybody for the information!

I’ll be on Victoria Square tomorrow :smiley:

Instead of starting a new thread I found this one. I’m in Christchurch for the next 2 weeks and would LOVE to go for a muni ride…please contact me if you can show me some trails and more importantly if you have a muni I can borrow. I’ll be down in Invercargill for a few days and will probably go to Queenstown as well. Hope to hear from someone…

Easiest way to find unicyclists in NZ is to go to unicycle.co.nz and to clubs and either ring someone or use email address’s there.