Unicyclist's in Bournemouth?

I was Unicycling down by the beach yesterday and met someone who said that they had seen someone only the other day riding what they discribed as a coker. If there are more people around bournemouth we should try and put a Hockey (i’ve got two friends who can unicycle) team together! Or Muni etc.


I’m in poole/Branksome :astonished:

I’m in contact with the guy with the coker, he was in Mondays Echo
http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/features/display.var.1545954.0.one_does.php and should be meeting him next week

I have a Nimbus 29er Muni and a Trials Uni, but I’ve only been riding for a couple of months so lots of falling off and arm waving:D

Deffo up for a ride sometime, drop me a pm.


your welcome to come and play hockey in Southampton. Were not too far up the road!

You can join us on www.facebook.com. search ‘groups’ for “southampton unicycle hockey” and you should find us.

I’d be up for coming down for some Muni rides. keep me posted:)


Unicyclist’s In Bournemouth

Hi Toby…Dave B and Dan,

Yes, as explained by Dave B, that was me on the prom. I live on the East Cliff, so just nice and easy to go down on to the Prom and ride between Hengistbury and Sandbanks. I started unicycling in Oct '06 and have progressed to KH24 and last week a Nimbus 36" arrived…Great Fun!. I am very pleased with my progress, for an Old fart (48), and can free mount every second or third attempt. I am hoping to up the distance so that I can take part in next years Unicon Marathon.

Would be very happy to meet up with other unicyclists in the area, and hope to see Dave B, who contacted me earlier this week, in the near future.

Cheers Guys! …Dave E

hay hay

hay there guys dont know how often this thread is checked but i live in winton so if anyone in the area is up for havin a ride drop me a line

Amazing, i’ve never seen another Unicyclist in my area, i’m from Poole, Parkstone. I don’t if you made a hokey team or what but… i hope there arn’t bumping rules on this forum.

Both my dad and I ride unicycles, i’ve been riding for just under 2 years and hes been riding since he was 14.

…and your all relatively close to tomorrow’s Freestyle day, further down the South Coast:

sorry for the un-subtle thread jack :slight_smile: