Unicyclists in Boise, Idaho

I just want to know if there are any unicyclists in the Boise, Idaho area. I moved here from Puerto Rico and I’m going to be here for 5 months. It would be nice to hook up with some local riders, there are plenty of good trail to ride in this area.
And, by the way, I’m planning to go to the NUACC in Utah and I already made my reservation at Homestead Suites. I will be driving from here and if anybody needs a ride just let me know.


Carlos Medina
Puerto Rico All-Stars

There are some riders in Idaho Falls. I don’t know how close that is to Boise.

Re: Unicyclists in Boise, Idaho

Buena Suerte Carlos!

David Ramos
USA Director

Boise uni/MUni riders

Hello, new to this forum and relatively new to unicycle as well. Looking to see if there are other uni or MUni riders in the Boise Idaho area.

If you contact them say hi to Miranda for me!

Right on, thanks and will do!

I wouldn’t be aware of them but I graduated from BSU and am hugely proud that one of my favorite uni people chose to go there. We were members of the Snoqualime Valley Unicycle Team seemingly forever, and grew up together. One of these days I hope to pass through Boise and ride with them just for fun.