Unicyclists in Bakersfield?

I got a call tonight from Mike Paine-- a unicyclist in Bakersfield, CA. He, his
wife, and his nephew ride, but they don’t know of anyone else who rides in
Bakersfield. He’s planning to visit Gonzo Unicycle Madness at Harvey Mudd
College to find out some more about our club & maybe play some hockey with us,
but he’d really like to know if there are any other unics around north of LA. He
doesn’t have net access, so I’ll relay the information to him. I guess he’s
talked to someone from USA or IUF. He sounds really enthusiastic about
unicycling, and would really like to find some more people closer to home to
ride with. Anyone have any info I can pass along to him?

Jennie jhango@osiris.ac.hmc.edu