unicyclists in Atlanta area

Hi there,
I’ve just moved to Atlanta for 3 months and was wondering if there was
an active unicycling crowd here. I vaguely remember hearing through
the juggling group that there were riders around.

If there are any riders, anybody willing to loan me a uni and show me
some trails?


The two most active on this forum that are from Atlanta are reidj and my me. We get together and ride about once a week. Unfortunately Reid is healing from a twisted ankle and may be down for a few weeks. He said he was going to try to ride with his inflatable cast, but we wil see.

We also post rides at http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/Atlantaunicycleclub/ If you don’t have a yahoo account, sign up for free, and you can get automatic e-mails of our get togethers. You can also send me an e-mail or PM and we could ride.

What area of Atlanta are you in? I may be able to get you connected up with others as well. If you aren’t aware, unicycle.com is here as well.

Investigate the Atlanta Juggling Club and the Groundhog Day juggling festival. I went two years ago, there were Munis at the festival. Use Google.