Unicyclists in Arkansas

I’m new to this board and I would like to say hi to any unicyclists in Arkansas :smiley: so if you are one or know one please leave a post.

welcome to the boooooaaaard!


Re: Unicyclists in Arkansas

Where in Arkansas? There is an active unicycle group in Memphis. Are you close?

Thanks for the welcome. I’m down in Sheridan (southern part of the state) I have looked at a uni site in Memphis, it is www.memphisunicycleclub.com I think. It’s a little far to drive though. We have six unicyclists here in Sheridan and more on the way. Most of them are begginers. I’m about a level 3 - 1/2, the unicycle roster is great and I’m probably going to email a few of the people on it. I’m already on the roster as Jared Pearson.:smiley:

Hey arcane,

You are NOT too far to ride with us! We gather in various locations - often away from Memphis. We are constantly on the move and looking to explore the riding and comradarie in other areas. Too, we always welcome those who would like to visit the Memphis area and play with us!


Hey arcane,

I just check the map to see where Sheridan is and you are a neighbor! We often go to Little Rock to ride, for example. Judging by the map, there looks like some greak parks nearer to you.


WOW! I didn’t know that you ever went to Little Rock!:smiley: Stick a note on the message board or email me or something the next time you’re comming into Arkansas and I’ll see if I could meet you:D

We are constantly looking for excuses to travel and ride in new places and meet new folks. All it takes is a suggestion for most of us to hit the road. An hour and a half (time to Little Rock) is a nano-second in MUC time. Just a few weeks ago many of us drove 6 hours (each way) to rendezvous with other unicyclists in Louisville, KY. Too, there is some great riding in and around Jackson Mississippi - 3 hours from us. To lure some of us to L.R. (or someplace nearer to you) just call a time and place. You are welcome here anytime.

E-mail me:


I’ll holler at you sometime and see about setting a time to ride.:smiley: