Unicyclists In Albuquerque?

Hello to all,

I’ve been living in Albuquerque, New Mexico for about a year and a half. I picked up unicycling about 6 months ago and really enjoy the terrain.

I’m curious if there’s anyone out here in Albuquerque who does any Muni/trail riding? I’d be interested in getting people together for some rides.


A bunch of us visited Albuquerque last weekend for an awesome muni weekend. Here’s the local group’s website: http://nmuni.com

No way! Too bad I missed it. Thanks I’ll check that out.

Aw man, you couldn’t have worse timing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, yes there are a few local municyclists in ABQ, and we’d love to get together. PM me or email me from the nmuni website. Looking forward to riding with you,


Unicycle riders in Albuquerque

New member and this thread is a bit old, but . . .

Looking to connect with any other unicycle riders in Albuquerque. I try to ride at least once a week and like to ride on UNM campus and in Nob Hill area. It would be great to connect with other riders and maybe have a group (PRIDE parade?).

Feel free to contact me through email - jaymortensen@yahoo.com