Unicyclists in Alaska's Susitna Snow Race

I’m still unpacking and recovering, but I’ve got pictures and a rough trip report at:


What’d you do this weekend? :slight_smile:


you were in alaska too!? thats so cool i live right here in anchorage. do you live here? if so you should come to the alaska unifest in the summer.

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Wow! Riding in snow is so hard, especially when you sink in on an ungroomed trail. Wow!

Next weekend I’m going to go ride 50K in the Chilly Hilly. :slight_smile:

4" tire …? … can’t find it on their site :frowning:

Ahhh Ha! … I found it mentioned in thier catalogue :smiley:

Good job George and Brian! That had to be exhausting. It is always cool to do something first.


Amazing job George and Brian! The Iditarod race has a legendary reputation amongst cyclists (the 2 wheeled kind) for being an incredibly tough race. I’m staggered that you guys took it on and finished successfully on unicycles. This is uni-history in the making!

[My weekend: On Saturday I rode my unicycle on stage for a Vodafone employees’ family day. And on Sunday I went riding with Andrew ‘Rail Ridin’ Carter. ]


Well, it was a great experience and definitely took a lot of energy to complete.

Here is just another photo to add from a little training session the day before the race in Anchorage, AK.

If any should follow in our footsteps, Good luck. Just being a part of the race was worth the trip and all the planning that came with it. Just remember to bring some food other than energy bars!!

And let me say cheers to George, for allowing me to be included in this experience. You’re a good friend and riding partner.

you guys are nuts. seriously. also can you post some info about the unis. they aren’t your normal rides and it looks like a sweet new design. George, what’re some specs and/or new stuff on those?

Wow! That’s so awesome! I’ll second what Tony said- the iditarod race is legendary- I remember reading about it many many years before I learnt to ride a unicycle. I’m so happy to hear it’s now been done on unicycles. Well done guys!

My weekend: not nearly as epic. Rode my new roadbike- have one week to train for the Chch to Nelson race (445km)

Nice going George…really like the website, and the detailed write-up.

Can’t believe nobody has commented on those BAD ASS frames.



World’s Happiest Unsponsored GB4 Rider

must have been a very mind numbing ride. did you guys ever get very far apart from each other?

GB, did you use plans from Steve Howard or build it from scatch?

Congratulations, George and Brian! That is a very demanding challenge.

In most years, bicyclists have to do a certain amount of pushing, a lot in some years. Did you find pushing a unicycle an advantage in that respect?

In some years, bicyclists beat the skiiers, so it is partly about the conditions in a given year.

Congrat’s George… How much was the trip, maybe I could start saving for it. Can’t wait to get the new frame, that would be awesome for that race… Oh guy’s on that 4.0 tire from Surly it will not be in stock till mid July-Aug. there testing and tweeking it right now, also do in the same time is the bike frame dubbed the Pugsly HEHE. I saw it at the show in interbike it was sweet.:slight_smile:

The frame was very much SH inspired, but my own design. I wanted something collapsible and corrosion resistant. I made it while still at ISU on their CNC machines. They’re not available.

We pretty much stayed with each other for the entire race. We’d take turns leading. I for one wasn’t going to be seperated from Brian - he had the Toblerone!

Probably, though they could ride slightly more than us with their increased flotation.

You could probably do it all for less than 1000 US.

Wonderful report, you and Brian are awesome. Pushing the uni world to new heights, congrats! I bet training at altitude, Denver, helped a bit, ehh. Cheers.

If they ever do Survivor Alaska you two should be ready.

thanks for the info on the frames, they are sexy as hell. i’d buy one.

Not to mention training at higher altitudes. The race was near sea level with minimal climbing. I never feel super fast when riding at lower elevations, but I do feel like I have better endurance.

There’s nothing quite like wading through waist deep snow at 13,000 feet for hours on end for physical and mental preparation. http://www.gb4mfg.com/mtn/Loveland_2-4-05.html

The real problem was muscle/joint soreness in new places. Four days later now, the tendons/ligaments/whatever in the back of my knees are back to normal.