Unicyclists for Bush / Cheney


the lord approves of zach jucha. word up.

I changed my mind bring all the politics right here…


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I would argue that if this thread is appropriate for RSU at all, then responses to the political aspect of it are as well. John, you have never to my recollection suggested that conservative or right leaning comments be moved over to JC, but consistently do so when liberal or left leaning comments are made.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

the lord speaketh the truth

Oh god, will somebody just legalize mariuana already?

Amen to that!

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“john_childs” <john_childs@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> There is a ‘thread in Just Conversation’ (http://tinyurl.com/4vjff)
> where such a discussion would be more appropriate. RSU is not the place
> for a political debate. If you’re all fired up about it this could be a
> reason for you to join the forums.

John, I’m not the one who brought up politics here, but I’m damned
well not going to sit by and watch our wonderful country continue to
go down the drain without at the very least objecting.

By the way, I’d love to discuss issues with you. Send me email if you
are interested. Tell me why you think Bush deserves a grade above a D
in any subject other than trashing his opponent or fooling the
American people and I bet I can at the very least give you pause to
reconsider bupporting him.


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Whoa. I’m shocked that there’s even ONE one-wheeler who supports the current regime.

Slashing over 200 environmental protection regulations?

Creating a questionable “No child left behind” policy, then underfunding it by billions of $?

Tax cuts for the rich at the expense of huge loans on our children’s backs?

Horrible job creation record?

Abandoning the war on terrorism to go after Saddam, greatly multipying the number of radical Islamic extremists who hate America?

Ignoring Geneva conventions for POWs?

Huge no-bid contracts for Cheney’s and Bush family companies?

What could you possibly like about them? Please, really, what could you possibly like?

All the belly-aching in this thread aside, cool little graphic you made there lilschu…

I’m not taking political sides (here). But I agree with Checkernuts. If you’re not talking about the posters, or something to do with unicycling in your replies, take it over to Just Conversation. That goes for the thread on Linux vs. Mac vs. Microsoft as well…


Unicyclists For Peace.

Keep politics out of the IUF!

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You say you’re not the one who brought up politics and then you go on and feel the moral obligation to turn this into a political debate. This did not start out as a political debate and never would have turned into a political debate if you and gerblefranklin and now steveyo hadn’t felt the moral obligation to turn it into one.

Take it to Just Conversation if you feel the need.

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Continued in JC.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

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Ken only wants it in Just Conversation if it doesn’t stroke him the right way…


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I respectfully disagree. The original post is a strong political statement. Those who chimed in to say they liked it are saying “I agree with the strong political statement” Those people you mentioned are saying “I disagree with the strong political statement”

I agree that none of it belongs here, but it most certainly started with the original post.

Four more years.

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Lets get a couple of things straight. I am Bush / Cheney Supporter in every way but I posted the image to allow others to see what I created. All politics aside, I think its a neat image and I believe others like it too.

Now to pump a load on those out there that are detracting from the enjoyment of this image. You should really get some of your facts straight. I am not going to go into politics here for the sake of those who are uninterested in some of your babaling.

I am a Professional Forester, and it would be me, not any of you, that will make the statements regarding Bush’s environmental policy. If you have no idea what it is like in the Forest on a more than public view, than I suggest you get your neck out of our woods.

Cheers all, Brian

[note: Since my posts tend to kill threads (current average ~= 3 posts between when I post and when the thread dies), and it sounds like all but a select few want this thread to die, I’m taking action…]

Now that we’ve put a sticker for him on our site, I think bush needs to put one of our stickers on his site.

It’s only fair…

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As a non-professional-economist, non-professional-educator, non-professional-healthcare provider, non-professional-militaryman, non-professional-foreign affairs-expert, non-professional-energy industry expert, it can be safely assumed then that you never venture an opinion on the Bush administration’s economic, education, healthcare, military, foreign affairs, or energy policies.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

PS Sorry wentz. :slight_smile:

Man, cowboy hats…I just don’t get it.
Cute image though–and the combination of the cowboy hat, the silhouettes, the typography, you know, it really does look like a VILLAGE PEOPLE record cover.

YMCA – unicycle at the YMCA!..

And as far as politics are conserned, I think this sign has a lot more to do with promoting Bush/Cheney than it does with “what size wheel should I MUni with” or “any other unicyclists out there in Timbucktoo.” And as any regular visitor to this website will know, we are a split community–so of course a posting like that in the main forum will have a reaction that has nothing to do with the thing 100 percent of us love to do, that is ride the unicycle.

In fact, it does not even allow unicycle-related discussion, like the thread on which candidate is more likely to ride the unicycle. There is no give or take here with this one–it’s sort of like an instant Rush Limbaugh thread, and haha to you Liberals who don’t like it.

But I guess that’s normal with Conservatives–always dividing people, we’ve had almost four years of being totally divided, and no one on the right even cares, and I guess that’s because Bush is President to only his supporters–only to half the country. He obviously could care less what the rest of us think…

Funny enough, on every political poll I’ve seen here at unicyclist.com, it’s obvious that Kerry supporters outnumber the Bush supporters.

So sure, go ahead and post blatent political ads for your candidate (this goes for the Kerry supporters too) on the main forum, go ahead, forget about “Just Conversation”, stick more blatent politics on the Rec.Sport.Unicycling forum and we’ll see how much longer this remains a unicycle forum as opposed to a shouting match.

A bit of politics MIXED into a genuine unicycle mix, that’s totally cool, but a sign that only says “Unicyclists for Bush” or “Unicyclists for Kerry”, without an invitation for all unicyclists, what’s the point?

What are you, a Republican first, Unicyclist second? Democrat first, Unicyclist second?

Cheers, (and YMCA with the Cowboy Hats!)


Nice post dogbowl!!! I think you put it pretty good, minus the cheap comment about how us conservatives divide but you couldn’t resist… no biggie though, we(conservatives) have thick skin. :smiley:

Ok, Zod, I take back the cheap comment on the dividing thing. It was pretty cheap, sort of a low shot–I thought so myself when I saw the final version posted.:frowning:
Cheers! To ALL unicyclists!