Unicyclists for Bush / Cheney

I thought that I would create an image for all those George W Bush / Dick Cheney supporters out there. I hope you enjoy!

Click below to view and download the large Desktop Background.


Cheers, Brian

THOSE UNIS HAVE NO SPOKES! Bush/Cheney aren’t really riding unicycles but advanced pedal-hovercraft@! Damnit I knew all along they were aliens.

Yeah but it’s a great background and very well done other than that.


That is too cool. I am going to have to print that up and send one to JJuggle, Gild, Leo, zod, and a few others. I am posting from my phone, since I am camping at the moment. Be back Sunday.

Nice work!

The rider with the cowboy hat looks strangely familiar…

Now that’s roughing it.:smiley:

Cool! I’ve got new wallpaper.

Who are the two unicyclists?

Myself and GB4…what a time!


making mariuana illegal is like saying that god made a mistake.
And on the seventh day god said: "HERE IS MY CREATION, PERFECT IN EVERYWAY- oh, shit, I left weed everywhere…
I shouldnt have smoked that joint on the second day… man, now I gotta create Republicans

Here’s the original picture.

How’s about one now: “Unicyclists against draft-dodging, scum talking, war mongering, environment destroying, economy killing, budget surplus wasting, immigrant hating, education destroying, terrorist creating, homophobic, lying and decieveing pieces of moral crap.” I just thought we should get that sign to be a bit more honest and specific, just in case noone knew who Bush-Cheney 04 was.

Re: Unicyclists for Bush / Cheney

[I apologize for another political outburst, but I feel it is my moral duty to oppose Bush’s reelection.]

“lilschu” <lilschu@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> I thought that I would create an image for all those George W Bush /
> Dick Cheney supporters out there. I hope you enjoy!

Are you nuts???

How could you possibly support Bush for a second term?

Seriously. Really, really seriously.

I don’t want to launch a tirade here, but I’d love the opportunity
discuss why W stands for WRONG. Name an issue and I’ll explain just
how bad his policies have been. I prefer email so we don’t turn this
forum into a presidential debate.


Oh god, will somebody just legalize mariuana already?

I thought we decided a long time ago to keep politics off the main forum, this is the straw that goes to far. I’m tired of this crap. I dont need your empty rhetoric anymore! so dont put it up in here. Put your bumper sticker uni porn up in the JC forum.

I would if I could.

Ken: How’s about the big cheese of the EPA Bush appointed wanting to allow more arsenic into public drinking water? Chilling… (and yes, I know, that’s just the tip of the Bus-Cheney iceburg)

Come on! It’s a fun desktop even if you don’t support Bush.

Re: Re: Unicyclists for Bush / Cheney

There is a thread in Just Conversation where such a discussion would be more appropriate. RSU is not the place for a political debate. If you’re all fired up about it this could be a reason for you to join the forums.

check it out, i’m not taking those computer graphics classes in college for nothing.

now everyone is happy

can’t decide if this is funny or downright scary.