Unicyclists Dissed by TMZ News

And I use the word “news” with reservation.

Seems like it was mostly good-natured ribbing. Besides, they say all publicity is good publicity.


Well, with the possible exception of a few riders in Washington state (and you guys know who you are), I think most unicyclists don’t ride naked, so I don’t feel particularly offended. And no, this isn’t what I call a “news” show, either. Overall it gave me a chuckle. And you’re right, pretty much any publicity is good publicity.

and elsewhere:

Nice one! I seriously “wouldn’t have the balls” to do that. UPD? Fugedaboudit!!

Hey, I heard that! BTW: it was a beautiful weekend for the Solstice Parade.

It’s really not as difficult as it sounds to keep your equipment safe on the saddle, just takes some adjustments after mounting then it’s surprisingly comfortable. If anyone is in Seattle for next solstice I highly recommend it.