Unicyclist's Diet

That all looks like a lot of effort. I have yet to find a substitute for the ‘eat plenty of cake and pies, don’t eat vast amounts of junk, and ride lots, preferably up big hills’ diet. Big breakfasts are good because you’re less likely to snack on junk all day. Sugar is fine if you use the calories.

And I thought it was ‘all things in moderation, including excess’.

On my 30th birthday, I got a keg and drank from a quart glass just like that. …umm…bad things happened, some of which I remember.

for the record, i drink, smoke, and eat whatever i want.

living well is important in all facets. physical isnt everything. and theres no sense in trying to be perfect.

you want more muscle? work out more and eat more protiens. (rice and beans)

wanna show off the muscle? eat less fat and burn off what you got.

want a bigger penis? watch late night infomercials.

Uh, have any professional unicyclists read this? I used to do unicycling as a significant portion of my fulltime job, but that was years ago. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m not telling you guys what I eat, I’m no role model in that department. Recently we’ve started to avoid two words in the ingredients of what we buy at the supermarket though:

  • Hydrogenated (or partially so)
  • Enriched

Enriched is the first ingredient in an incredible amount of the flour, bread or wheat-based stuff out there. Partially hydrogenated oils and things are on the way bad list also. We could do more…

Rather than listen to the one or two professional unicyclists who occasionally post here (like Teresa), better to listen to the ones that are nutritionists, personal trainers, or hardcore athletes in any endurance sports.


I don’t diet but keep everything in moderation. I eat tons of grilled chicken , steamed veggies , green tea and stuff of that nature and I generally eat 4-5 small meals. Also I drink tons of water fruit20 or anything purified and some pop.

-Breakfat grilled chicken , grilled cheese , italian sandwhich , potatos

-Snack normally baby carrots , poptart , yogurt things like that

-Whatever school serves I would say it is somewhat healthy

-Dinner bowl of steamed veggies or a bowl of cearal of some sort I love total

I do eat junk though I am cutting down for general health reasons my bmi is 23 so I am ok plus I get alot of exercise normally I am outside from 2-8 so I think I am healthy.

Stay away from foods filled with Corn Syrup…Its pretty much just another sugar.

if you are looking to really get into this i suggest picking up a book on nutrition. look on amazon.com there are loads of books written on nutrition, sports nutrition, weight loss…really pretty much anything about eating you can think of.

Here is a rough idea of what i eat in the off season (off season being off season of triathlon)

Breakfast- Bowl of oatmeal, Banana, Glass of Orange juice

Midmorning Snack- Some sort of fruit and maybe some almonds.

lunch- Salmon and some type of fruit

afternoon snack- handfull of nuts, maybe a slice of cheese or a cup of yogurt.

dinner- depends on what my mom makes:p usually some type of lean meat with rice or beans.

and then all through the day i drink water.
If you are wanting to burn fat applesauce and salmon will help, they both contain things that will aid the process.