Unicyclist's Diet

Today I was having my breakfast - fried potatoes and chicken with brown sauce and olives - and thinking that perhaps this isn’t the best choice of breakfast as far as health is concerned. So, I thought that maybe I should start paying more attention to my diet to increase both my unicycling ability and health.

So, what do you professional riders eat? What kind of a diet would you advise for me? I’m 19 years old, I ride nearly every day(around 10 hours a week), I go to school, I’m 176cm(or similar) and 64kg. I mostly ride trials and street.

What you eat does not have a particular effect, as long as you burn it off. That guy that ate McDonalds every meal obviously didn’t exercise. A similar test was done, but with exercise, and all went swell.

Just stay away from transfats. Chips, fries and the like are harmful. My diet is mainly composed of fruit with chicken and fish. I take the vitamins, but only cause they taste good =). I consider myself health: I can swim, run, bike, cross country ski better than my two older siblings. The main thing is just to get out and do stuff.

My $0.02

Just eat lots of healthy food and only a bit of junk food.

ooh…I want some olives now.

but seriously, my breakfasts usually consist of some sort of healthy breakfast cereal (shredded wheat, raisin bran, etc) or some carbs (bagels, etc.).

oh yeah, and drink lotsa water…really helps. my friends tell me I have a drinking problem :roll_eyes:

Don’t drink and drive boy

Yeah, that’s the most important part as well as keeping your diet ballanced. Most people neglect their green vegetables. Athletes need more proteen than your average person. Whatch you caloric consumption and the scale. If you start to gain weight (if your done growing, which you may be) you need to cut back your calories and/or ride more to burn them off. 150 lbs or a bit less I think would be a good wieght for a 5’ 9" unicyclist (less wieght = jump higher, but not too low and you won’t have the streingth to jump as high, it’s a ballance)

Edit: whole grains, tuna, chicken, turkey, beens (esp. soy), are good. Also eliminate sugar wherever you can.

Dang, that means I have to give up my beloved chocolate cake slice that I have twice per week? :astonished: My diet is very healthy otherwise, plus I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, so I gotta have ONE vice! Besides, with all my riding and other activities, I burn it off pretty quick. :sunglasses:

Yeah my only vice, and it’s a big one, is sweets as well. Burning it off is not the problem (I can’t seem to gain wieght, I’ve tried). One of my aunts has type two diabetes, so I need to cut back big time for that reason

Meat rots in your colon.

Woah Woah Woah, lets slow down abit here guys and look at this argument properly.

Where you got this idea I don’t know. Just because one burns calories and does not eat to excess does not mean one is “healthy”. True, by exercising you won’t look chubby and you probably won’t feel as bad but body still needs energy and it needs real energy not processed garbage. Your liver will still be affected, you will still constrict your arteries and in turn your heart will have to work harder just to walk up a flight of stairs, besides how any of you could eat junk food or even low in nutrition food and have the energy to exercise beats me.

Watch out for these things, they are hidden dangers, many contain high levels of salt or sugar, but I think you’re safe with shredded wheat. Bagels aren’t so good for you but everything in moderation.

Paying attention to weight is not always sensible or accurate. BMI is an average. If you are gaining muscle you will appear heavier but will be healthier.

Balance is the key as some of you have mentioned. Have a balance of protein, chicken, pork, fish or if you are vegetarian this can come from nuts, oats and other sources. Get your carbs in brown rice and pasta, brown bread etc. and your 5 fruit and veg a day. You know what’s right and get your exercise in as all of you seem to know already.

Terry, the rules for most are, if you’re good 75% of the time you can bebad 25%, so don’t worry about your cake. :stuck_out_tongue:



In the mornings, its usually eggs, toast, waffles, pancakes, something along those lines. And always a glass of milk, or maybe two glasses.

Throughout the day, im always drinking water, cup by cup, big cups too.

For lunch, usually its macaroni and cheese, or a sandwich, nothing big, just anything to tie me over, and another few glasses of milk.

Then I drink a lot of water.

Dinner is pretty random. Today it was a beef stew, yesterday it was tacos, the day before that was steak and potatoes.

After dinner, I still drink tons of water until bed.

Dam, your 5 cms taller than me :frowning:

popcorn french fries muffins and hot chocolate

Rotting can mean “the general decomposition of organic objects”… which is one way of describing how the body processes food naturally. Technically, most food is digested in the stomach and small intestine, but I guess some of it could digest in the large intestine… what’s your point?

High Protein low fat, as much fruits and vegis as possible. The everysoofter bad for you goody. ha. I’m decently disciplined.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. With plenty of flip tricks.

I take all things in moderation, including moderation.

Generally the more color the better. So dark green is good, but purple is even better (blueberries)! I agree about eliminating sugar, but would also extend that to eliminating all refined carbs (white flour). I think moderate amounts of proteins are sufficient, and fats should be limited to healthy fats (omega3’s, olive oil, avacodos, flax, hemp…etc). Drink lots of water, but not too much. One glass daily of red wine or dark beer.

Oh yeah, and the usefulness of eating healthy is limited if you still overeat.

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…especially with a glass larger than your head.