Unicyclists... Check this out !!!

This thread contains a bunch of info. Please read to make sure you are a part of everything happening.

Bedford Unicycles will be throwing 2 parties this year at NAUCC
in Ohio. The parties will take place in the Quality Inn Banquet hall
each night from 10pm to 12am-ish. Everyone is welcome to attend and admission is free. This will be the place to be after the day is done !!!

There will be a cash bar for those of age. Cold drinks, pop-juice-water-snacks as well. Contests, raffles and more.
Come and hang out with all your unicycling pals.

Here’s the scoop…

Tuesday July 26th

Featuring: The Bedford Experience

Many different acts to amaze and delight everyone.
A few to mention at this time are: Sem and Teresa & TheDan

Wednesday July 27th

Featuring: Syko Productions “DEFECT” DVD release party

Dan Heaton will have his latest and greatest DVD playing on the big screen !!! You gotta see this !!! Un-real, and for the very first time.
Dan’s the man when it comes to producing cutting edge extreme
unicycle videos. Don’t miss it !

Here are two other action packed nights you will want to be a part of…

Friday July 29th

Unicycle hockey with a flaming puck !
The Canadian way, eh

Saturday July 30th

Another unicycle hockey with a flaming puck night !
Hot and Heavy !

These are 4 nights not to be missed !!!
Make sure you’re there !
See NAUCC program for more info.

Looking for acts to be featured in Tuesday night’s
The Bedford Experience

If you have a special talent/skill and want to present it on stage,
please send me a e-mail with a description of what it is you do.
info@bedfordunicycles.ca - Please put NAUCC in the subject line.

Special thanks so far go out to:

Syko Productions - Dan Heaton
Semcycle - Teresa & Sem
TheDan.Com - Dan
BC MADMAN - Jeff Groves

For more info, please contact Darren Bedford
info @ bedfordunicycles . ca

It’s going to rock !


Kind of a thread jack

If Dan Heaton’s showing a sneak preview of Defect on July 27th, when will he be releasing it for us to buy? Also, is there going to be a publicly released trailer for it?

Hey. The DEFECT thing is a release party, which means it comes out that day! YAY!!



Awesome Darren! I wasn’t too excited about going to Nationals this year but now I am! Looking forward to it all. See ya in about a month in a half!


not to be a noob i just skimmed the article sounds like fun but where is it?


Darren, thanks for organizing the best “unofficial” events at NAUCC! It’ll definately make NAUCC an event not to miss.

I (finally) just booked a room at the Quality Inn, with one bed. However, my parents got one with two beds and are willing to trade with me. So if someone needs a roommate, let me know.

I am not sure on the exact release date. The video is almost done, but other production aspects take longer (dvd menus/cover design, bonus material, replication).

It should be ready for sale the start of August.

I am waiting to post a trailer until closer to the release date.


Can’t wait to enjoy all the exciting parties. Apparently the NAUCC info is wrong and there is a pool at the Quality Inn. If you weren’t staying there for that reason, check into the availability. They have the best rate, indoor pool, and a bugman.:smiley:

why does all this cool stuff have to happen during ragbrai! also, there’s 2 crazy guys from ISUUC attempting all 485 miles on cokers. they’d be the third and fourth people to actually complete it on unis.

Not to get too off the subject of this post but what the hell is ragbrai and ISUUC? 485 miles on/for what?

its a long running tradition of dunkin cycle touring. :astonished:

I wish I could go :frowning:

ragbrai is the (desmoines) Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa. Basically 10,000 cyclists and support people take a week to go from the west end of the state to the east and party a whole lot alone the way. It’s great fun. ragbrai.org down plays the party aspect and makes it seem more family oriented than most of it really is. not that there aren’t tons of family and stuff, but at least half is stay up late drinking/get up a little later and ride, rather than the sensible sleep eaerly get up before heat/wind people.