unicyclists at the cannabis cup (amsterdam)

hey guys iam going to amsterdam in november for the cannabis cup.

any unicyclist will be there too ? koxx one guys ?

i dunno if i will carry my uni but i will be glad to talk with another unicyclists.

Haha you gotta be kidding! I want to go to that! Where’s my pipe! :sunglasses:

Hahaha wow. I wish I had money for that whole traveling thing…

Wish I was going cause I went a couple years ago and had a blast! I checked that off my list of things to do. Although I’m not smoking the month of September to figure out a business plan I need to get done. Have fun!!

heheh cannabis cup and amsterdam is on my list of things to do

i cant wait

What can one do at the cannabis cup?

smoke weed?

but there is more in the netherlands than drugs…:smiley: :wink:

I know <ou can smoke weed, but where does the CUP fit in?

There were a few unicyclists at Seattle’s Hemp Fest this year.

wow, what is this?

Dude, on your way to Amsterdam you should make a detour over to Texas and pick me up!

I’ll be the guy waiting with his uni in hand…cause lots of people have gone to the CC, but how many can actually say they unicycled there?

P.S. I ride K1


going to the cannabis cup and amsterdam is like a dream becoming true for me!

Iam going to work there for the ultraeco transparent rolling paper, they will expose a new product there and iam the videomaker.

i think the weather will not be that good for a outdoor riding but i want to meet some peoples to enjoy the shows and good weeds…

for who dont know what is the cannabis cup .

Cannabis cup as the name say is the world cup of the cannabis held in amsterdam - holland

there the judges will look for the best strain, coffe shop and products.
to be a judge you pay something like 45euros.

it takes 5 days and got a lot of music shows , workshops and mutch more.

its a lot of fun for weed smokers

we are going in 15 peoples, maybe the biggest number of brazilians at the cannabis cup ever!

Sounds like fun

Here is more info on the Cannabis Cup. It’s kind of expensive but well worth it to be a judge at least once as I was!!