Unicyclists at Inauguration

Not sure if you’ve seen this:

I think the “Gym Dandies” are a great group, and are doing a fantastic job of promoting unicycles. If you “Like” them on Facebook, you get updates like that one.

(Just FYI.)

I love that. great exposure! wonder how many people saw them?

They will be riding January 21st.

Here is a podcast about it from the radio with a couple photos:

If you click on the second photo you can see my daughter in the background on my 29er. unfortunately, we are not going to the parade.

I help teach the kids how to ride on Fridays. The Friday the interview took place was the first time I rode in front of the kids. They were amazed when I took out my uni. They just assumed I didn’t ride.

A newspaper article and nice video about the Gym Dandies.

Very cool!!!