Unicyclistjoe makes newspaper frontpage

Todays “The Wellingtonian”

Article on page 55

ahhh, good ol propaganda, gotta love it

i was in a newspaper once, it was september 11th and i was riding in a parade the slaped me and my firend on the front page. Dont have a pic though.

Good stuff Joe, seeya tommorow (maybe, if not saturday)

very kewl article

i don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone who frequents these fora if i own up to being a bit of a uni-publicity slut
[ascends soapbox]
but not even i will drink anything as toxic as parrafin to get on the front page of a newspaper
joe, please, go find a firebreather of some 10 years standing and ask him/her about the state of their teeth
blowing fire looks pretty impressive now but is (in my opinion) not worth the long term health risks
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u can achieve the same results by using a cheap, plastic spray bottle, use some wire to rig a ‘pilot flame’ in front of the nozzle
if u’re doing fire on the uni, this also allows u to use one in either hand
while idling (esp to the beat of thumping drums) it looks pretty impressive if u have one flame shooting out as u get to the front of the idle and another one as u get to the back
no (human) firebreather will be able to maintain this for long
try it, it looks stunning
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good luck with the high jump!


local paper-tastic

I was in “The Extra” A local paper for the west end of Glasgow.

There was a wee foto of me on the front and then a bigger foto and report inside. Scans of both below.

It was cos I did a sponsored 13mile cycle on the uni.

I wasn’t gonna post it cos the reporter made me sound like a monkey (I know how many wheels a unicycle has!) I don’t think he was even aware of the concept of unicycling.

I had my broken arm when the foto was taken, you can just see the cast poking out of my sleeve.

But if everyone else is posting newspaper reports…

sorry if the scan is crap, my scanner is crap.


Re: local paper-tastic


Joe, I thought you were referring to the article on the side:

Guess not.

According to that first article, Joe Dyson is the NZUF’s Media Liaison. The organization is less than six months old and they have something the USA and IUF pretty much never had. Good job! USA and IUF take notice! Nobody knows you exist if you don’t keep getting the word out as much as possible.

It’s legal to buy and smoke pot… ?

I’m moving … :slight_smile:
(excuse me for derailing topic)

You should check out Alaska. Check the laws there. Very very lax. And you’re closer to BC bud than most of Canada.



Yah …? Whatabout employers , they tolerant on the urine test …?

How often do people get the “random test” around here? It is only administered if something looks fishy. They say it’s random so they can give it to you whenever they want. But theres no reason they test you unless you are showing up breathing smoke. Also, there are well documented ways to beat the tests. Just look at the laws for fun though. Heres Alaska:

Possession/Cultivation: Legal for personal use in home.
Any amt for personal use not in home: 0-$100
Public Display of up to 1 ounce or possession of 4 or more
ounces: 0-90 days & $1,000
Sale up to 1 ounce: 0-1 year & $1,000
Over an ounce: 0-5 years & $5,000

Now lets look at…say Illinois, where you are from:

Under 2.5 grams: 0-30 days & $500
2.5-10 grams: 0-6 months & $500
10-30 grams: 0-1 year & $1,000
30-500 grams: 1-3 years & $10,000
Over 500 grams: 2-5 years & $10,000
Cultivation/Sale: Under 2.5 grams: 0-6 months & $500
2.5-10 grams: 0-1 year & $1,000
10-30 grams: 1-3 years & $10,000
30-500 grams: 2-5 years & $50,000
Over 500 grams: 3-7 years & $100,000

See the difference?

I see … :smiley:

We should move to OffTopic / Just Conversation :slight_smile:

I’m not sure Gilby will like a cannabis discussion thread. If you wanna make it, go for it.

:: Pelvic Thrust ::

Joe sent out a press release to all the major newspapers, the major Mountainbike websites, as well as drop flyers off at all the local bike and sports shops. Hopefully we’ll recruit a few more NZUNi members this weekend.