unicyclist websites and e-mail

I have been having trouble with the Squirrel mail at unicyclist.com lately…it’s been squirrelly. Has anyone else had any problems?

Last night I noticed that the accounts for the unicyclist.com websites have expired. Anyone else see this?

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What kind of things have been happening? You’re the only one to mention it being squirrelly. If you have a folder with a lot of emails in it, it may be slower because it has to read it all to create the index.

Yeah, unfortunately, the domain registrar, TotalNIC, that I registered unicyclist.com with 2 years ago doesn’t know how to follow the rules set forth by ICANN (http://www.icann.org) for domain registrations and transfers. I have been trying to transfer my domain away from them to an ethical registrar since Decmber 13th without any success. Yesterday, before the domain was actually shut off, I gave in and paid their inflated fees to renew the domain. So, the domain should be back up and functional once they transfer the domain to their other registrar (the only way they’d allow), and then this change needs to make it in the root servers. SO, STAY AWAY FROM TotalDIC, they are bad, bad, bad! More details of what TotalNIC does can be found here: http://www.coolwhois.com/totalnic.php


Mail has worked fine for me… however, the Stay loged on feature has not worked for me in about a month, on any machine. Drives me mad, loggin in all the time…

Thanx Gilby…

Mad, mad I say!.

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I can’t even get to the site.

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Me neither. My friend is able to get to www.unicyclist.com , but when I go, I get a totalNIC page saying the domain is expired. I’m posting from forums.gilby.com.

Just wondering what was going on. Thanks for providing such a great service.