Unicyclist spotting: Durham

So there I was, catching up on some recent videos from a group of bike trials riders in Durham, when I suddenly noticed that some of them were missing a wheel!

The video is at www.durhamtrials.co.uk; click “videos” at the top and it’s the “Demo video”, second from top.

Does anyone know who these fellows are?


edit: Darn that ‘;’ on the end of the URL confusing things!


A bit closer… it’s clearer in the video…



i do not know them but are you coming to seaton on saturday?? we have been away for a few weeks but hopefully we are riding this week also on the unicyclist spoting.i saw one in painton (not how it is spelt but that is how you say it) kite fest a week ago he had a strange sight a mint pashley muni with 3" halo rim and a myiata saddle i am not sure it he could ride as he walked it every where.but i loved the kite fest.

the quality of that pic is pretty weird. makes all the people look like mannequins

I was actually in Seaton today, albeit with my sister rather than any wheeled contraptions. I think not having a uni with me makes the trials-line-sensing-senses a bit more sensitive, because I saw a number of things I’d like to try… so if you’re riding next weekend, count me in!


I guess that in real life they were actually moving at the time… :slight_smile:

You can see clearer on the video itself rather than a single frame. Their videos are worth a watch anyway, random unicyclists or not…


i know what you mean

there is some crazy trials stuff in seaton but my best spot at the moment is the rocks on the beach.doing universe santa cruz stuff loads of fun no sun.i am not sure if allan and robert are in to trials but they could do the normal ride and we could do some trials spots skate park maybe. now i have 4fts in the bag i have seen so much cool stuff to do.