Unicyclist spotted! - Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, UK
Tuesday 2nd September 08
5.30pm ish
Near the science Park
Wearing a bright yellow jacket
Big wheel 29 or 36

Was it you? Just missed you coming the other way on my 36er by about 10 mins but my wife spotted you.

I’ll bet it was Alan (Chambers) on his way home from work


I was out yesterday but at 9pm on my pink trials. Weather sucked.

Is there hockey on friday?


Ah. Yes. That was me. A few people have reported seeing another Coker in Kings Hedges or Arbury. We should meet up for a ride. If Cambridge is too flat for you, you could come down to Hertfordshire. I’m not a speed demon, and require regular oiling with beer when on social rides (er… any rides), so if that appeals, get in touch.


Beer you say! I’m there. Alan I’ve PM you.