unicyclist sighting in Clovis, california

ok so i met this unicyclist in Fresno well actually Clovis, California. I even talked to him, but never got his phone number. Ya I screwed that up, but its ok cause you guys can help.
heres the info i know about him

I met him at Clovis East High School at around 5:30pm
He looked like he was probably a high schooler
short blonde hair
bigger guy
maybe 5 foot 9nine inches?
He said he was friends of a guy named Carl and that he knew his family. he also said that Carl was a unicyclist. I got the hint he considered Carl to be a good unicyclist?
so maybe you guys could hook me up with this guy or give me a list of carl unicyclists. Probably Carls here in the united states but i am willing to take any Carl.
He said he owned a nimbus trials uni too.


any ideas?
especially for a guy named carl?

I know a little kid that moved into that area who’s a fairly good unicyclistHe used to live up here. When he moved though I gave him your contact info so i don’t think it was him.

He said he knew a unicyclist named Carl.
shoot me some PM’s of contact info on people named Carl guys!
maybe “crazy carl” ive heard this name before with unicycling.
any Carl works cause they has got to be only a few Carls.
im always riding in the area he lives in so it would be a shame for me not to ride with this guy… whoever he is.

the kid I know is named Lewis. Sorry I don’t know any Carls down there. We need to ride again sometime man.

How close is springfield to you ? theres a carl on the simpsons