Unicyclist seen on Drop In

I was watching Drop In on Saturday, which, for those that do not know, is a really sweet show about a group of Freeriders. They travel around the west coast riding cool trails and meeting up with the locals. Anyway, they were in Prince Rupert, B.C. and came across a guy named Mike Foot (not sure of the spelling of the last name) who rode what looked to be a 5" skinny and they did a 3ā€™ drop off the end.

I thought it was pretty cool to see a unicyclist on a high caliber mountain biking sho w like Drop In.

Any one know this guy?


He is a member of our community.

heh, yeah that was me, i dont know if you could tell on the footage but it was wet out and it was the onlything close enough to even be worth riding. believe me iā€™m capable of much more than just that crappy little skinny.