Unicyclist Responsibilities

Just a thought to ponder…
I’ve noticed that when I’m on my unicycle, I feel I not only represent myself, but all unicyclists. While walking, I can do whatever I want, because if I do something stupid, it only reflects bad on me. But if I do something bad while on a unicycle, I feel like everyone will start to think that all unicyclists are that way. For instance, I don’t feel that if a driver honks at me that I can respond with appropriate gestures. I just have to smile and wave.
I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. It’s just a thought. Anyone else notice this phenomenon?

while im riding around in town,i try not to pick my nose in front of children…

Yeah, I definately get that feeling. We’re a minority but, when riding the strrets, a very visible one. It makes us kind of ambassadors for the sport.

I’m also aware that, whilst some see us as idiots, others feel a lot of respect for anyone who’s prepared to publicly do something as unusal as unicycling; especially young people who generally are impressed by anything that’s skillful and different.

We’re also in a position where we’re changing the public attitude towards unicycling, in that they tend to associate it only with clowns and circus; whereas the truth is that it’s a great way of getting around and for Muni, every bit as skillful as mountain biking etc.

I found that when I started I was getting a lot of stupid jokes and comments, but now I’ve got my Muni and can ride it well, I get very few jokes etc. So I do feel that, to some extent, part of the population of Sheffield has learnt something about unicycling.

Re: Unicyclist Responsibilities

> I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. It’s just a thought. Anyone
> else notice this phenomenon?

Not really. I just treat people as normal. I want them to
treat me as normal. It has to be said that most people
are either disinterested or make well-intended comments,
so all is well. But when people act like idiots, they get the

Obviously, I take care not to run over pedestrians and such,
but that is only common courtesy, and I do the same when
walking, biking, or driving. :slight_smile:

Of course, I grin and bear the usual unfunny comments, but
morons who chase after me, throw stones at me or try to push
me off are liable to get a kick in the nuts. Remember that they
are also ambassadors - the kind that had their heads sent back
in parcels in the Middle Ages.

Arnold the Aardvark


When I’am riding around town, I try not to pull my wedgie in front of people.:stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Unicyclist Responsibilities

If anyone ever assaults me again, I’ll execute him to remove him as a danger
to other, less scary, unicyclists. Thanks for the tip, John. :wink:

“Quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.”
– Seneca

You really need to tell the rest of that story Scott… it just sounds so bad ass already.

When i’m out unicycling, i’m different than when i’m not, depending on the type of ride. If it’s a “pure” trials, then i’m focused, and couldn’t care what others think/say. When i’m just riding around, then i’ll go over and talk to people, and try to make them mad, or something, depending on my mood. When i’m on a street ride, i’ll either ignore, do something, or get mad, and when i’m doing MUni, they usually d’ont say anything too mean.
But that’s just me. Oh, and if i know them, or know they live near me, i’ll usually not say anything.


Representing the uni community

When I ride and someone really annoys me (and this isn’t often, but it may happen once a month depending on how often I ride), I can’t say anything, really – I have to ignore the comment and just ride on. But it’s not because I’m representing uni’ists at large; it’s because if I get into a confrontation, I’m easy to spot in the future. Put yourself in the place of a jerk: Someone confronts you at a restaurant, it’s not easy to spot him years later. But someone jumps off his unicycle to pick a fight with you, you’re probably going to remember that one till you die. So I just play nice (most of the time) knowing that it’s better to turn the other butt cheek and ride off.