Unicyclist performers - I need some Advice.

Ive just been contacted to perform at a golf tournament that is taking place during the end of July.

From what I have gathered, it is going to be a french theme in a way, and the ridding ill be doing is pretty basic. Basic riding, basic street, freestyle and basic trials. I say basic because basic street is more visual to non-riders, so 180s, 360s, and unispins are going to stand out a lot more than anything with a flip in it. Freestyle is pretty impressive no matter what level (so ill be pulling out all the tricks and exagerating them), and basic trials as in big ups, gaps, and if there is anything, skinnys.

So thats pretty much covered, but the person who e-mailed me, she said ill be ridding about 20-30mins a day (not much) and what my rate is for that. Ive never done this before, so im not sure what I should tell her. Really, I could do this for free, but I also remember reading on here to not offer services for free.

So, I am wondering, for the other performers here, what is a good going rate for that amount of time? Im thinking its not going to be much, but I at least want an accurate amount of pay without being to greedy or being to giving.

My group charges around $150 for a 30-45min show, and that is really low for the industry (esp considering we have three people.) We should probably up it to $200. That includes unicycling as well as juggling, comedy, crowd interaction - etc.

Depending on travel time, I’d go with $100 hour. - that’s a fairly standard rate. Mention that although your only performing for 1/2hour a day countless hours went in to preparing your act.r

I was offered $100 to do Juggling/Unicycling in a “talent show” segment of an upcoming CMT sitcom called “Outsiders Inn”. I was only to perform for 2-3 min, but they wanted me “on set” for 5 hours. I turned it down when the paperwork revealed it to be a reality show not a sitcom. I wouldn’t be on reality TV for a million dollars.:o

I think $100/hr of performing is being very fair. Anyway, Don’t feel bad about charging. You have a skill. You’re doing a job. The worker is worth his wages.

I bet you’ll have a great time doing it. Best of luck. Is it appropriate to say “break a leg” before a unicycling performance? :astonished:

Remember to smile and have fun out there!:smiley:

I used to consider these type gigs as kind of a PITA so I would jack up the prices.

Funny how many people went for it anyway. Makes it worth doing then.

$250 just to show up and for the first hour…then $150 an hour after that.
Otherwise it was around $250 for a half-hour show.

I’m scheduled to do pretty much the same kind of show you described (but with probably more trials and also a bit of juggling) at a nearby county fair end of July.

I’m doing three half hour shows a day for three days, at $500 a day. And that’s kind of on the lower end of price for the kind of show I do.