Unicyclist on worth1000.com

First place entry is a tightrope unicyclist.
Anyone ever tried this?


Hahah, nope can’t say that I have.

I saw a young chinese guy ride a unicycle in a handstand on a slack-line at the great china circus though…man that was impressive

There another uni a bit further down on that page. :slight_smile:

Hah, so there is. Not as well done as the first, but still quite cool.

Going back through their archives, they have a photo of a kid riding a giraffe uni in sight of a tornado. Cute.

that stuff there is childs play to me…


Anyone ever tried this?

nope, not with that unicycle, but i have done it with a 32’ girrafe while a sharp shooter was shooting at me, yeah i slept like a baby that night