Unicyclist on tv on CBS.

Hey, I just saw a Unicyclist on CBS on a downhill bike show Jeep King of the Mountain.

He was riding what looked like to be a KH 05 and had a beanie hat on and (i think a broke arm.)

Anyone know who it was??

I think the show was having the race in San Luis Obispo, CA


I just saw it too. He was on a blue trials uni. But the caption a minute later said something about the competition being in Colorado.

O, sorry about that… I saw the places here


Kinda hard to make out everything, I probably read it wrong. But yeah, it might not of been a KH but looked like the frame at least.


No, you were right the first time. My mistake. When I went back to it, it clearly said that that particular phase of the competition was in San Luis Obispo.