Unicyclist on the snow in Denver Post

Here is the link, it has a picture of Mark Osmun from Golden riding the snowy streets. There’s not much info on the text .
Denver Post article

He’s riding a 24" Torker DX!

Really? If so, good eye!

I would like snow. :smiley:

not as much as we have been getting here around the denver metro area…
i used to like snow. but enough is enough.

You can sure send some up here…

snow is best left on ski hills and parking lots. :slight_smile:

check it out. you can buy it

It’s clearly a DX. Red cranks, ground rim.

Yes! A DX.

Hi. Only my second post. I got a DX for my birthday in October and I am hooked. I also have a Coker that I purchased in November. Riding in the snow is fun! I studded a tire with machine scews as suggested in this forum. I have been reading and lurking but not joining in. I’ve learned a lot from the forum.

Nice to meet you! A friend of mine from Denver forwarded me the same photo, and my first thought was, “hmm, strange, a MUni guy I haven’t met.”

See you in Moab!