Unicyclist on the local news

A co-worker of mine mentioned that there was a local high school football player that was on the news. The interesting thing about this kid is that he attributes his success in football to riding a unicycle.

Check out the online article at:


Haha the reporter was a bit unconvinced about the unicycle helping, I think.
Tho if you ask any unicyclist where there physical strength comes from, they will say unicycling and that uni riding put them in the best shape theve been in.

Thated be cool if he went pro and started promoting unicycling to :slight_smile:

I was watching boxing last night. It was a boring fight. Both fighters were flat footed and barely moving by the third round. It made me think of how great unicycling would be to train legs and cardio for all types of sports.

yea i hope people other than unicyclist will start to realize unicycles aren’t just for clowns any more and that there are alot of really cool tricks you can do on a unicycle

If he wants core strength he should look into bike trials.

Now if he’d only explain how you get an upper body like that from unicycling.

Unicycling up climbs seems like it would help give you the kind of leg strength and power needed for kicking. But at 215 pounds he’s probably not the fastest climber up a hill even if he’s in better shape than everyone else.

For a long time I’ve been a fan of road racing motorcycles. Those riders need to be in great cardiovascular shape and really strong. It usually takes a year for a tallented rider who has just moved up to the top class to have the endurance to maintain their fast pase for the entire race. These riders often ride MTBs for cross training. It would make them faster if they did Muni instead.

I know how he built his core strength, pecking! Imagine it, one straight hour of pecking would be like an all day workout in the gym. But I’m not gonna do it :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree about that shape thing, ive wrestled, played football, and baskteball and i usually only lose a few pounds in the season, but in the since ive started (2 months ago) ive lost 10 pounds

Unicycling is a great workout. My legs are like tanks now. I haven’t lost that much weight, but probably a fair amount of fat and such considering I am wearing my clothes from 2years back almost tossed those about a year ago thought they were to small. Long uni practices really take it out of me by the time I get home it looks like I was dipped in a poll from all the sweat.

Am I the only one that watched the video? Making a 75 yard field goal is insane.
Even in the pros I have never seen a coach put the kicker out there if the field goal was around 45 yards or more. But they say they’re gonna put him out if it’s 65 yards!

yeah that is crazy, i dont even play football and i know thats pretty far…

I agree with Amanda. I don’t think unicycling is that good a workout compared to, say bicycling. I usually train on my roadbike/mountainbike and you can certainly feel it afterwards.

I’ve been riding my unicycle exclusively for the last six months, and probably riding faster than I’ve ever been, but I don’t think it’s helped my fitness hugely.


Or unicycle trials

do you physical push yourself unicycling though?

I think the fact that I come in dripping with sweat and tired after only a short time of riding and that If I dont ride trials for a bit when I ride again I find my arms aching a good indication for me that unicycling is hard work and good for fitness. For example riding trials SIF, riding SIF before atempting a trick or doing seat pushes/drags is realy hard on your legs and must be improving your mussle. I would say unicycling is a great work out, training the majority of your body