unicyclist on the cover of christian newspaper

In the wake of my 12 hour solo moonride offroad effort comes this article:

Apparently they’ve also been talking about me a lot on national radio. I’ve been asked to do an on air interview but can’t fit it in for several weeks by which time I expect interest will have died down.

The articles great and really conveys some positive attitude. This is the kind of thing that can really inspire people to see what unicyclings really about.
I think you should definatly do the interview, keep the momentum going.
I’m no christian but I know that any God with sense is going to want to promote unicycling.

That’s great. Next time you do it, let us know and I’ll send you money.

Awesome work! One question though, read this and perhaps you can figure out what that question would be…

“the last three or four hours were in complete darkness, apart from the light on my bike.”

That’s awsome Peter! It must be strange to be able to say, “Apparently they’ve also been talking about me a lot on national radio.”


Ah yes, slap on the wrist for me. And I don’t think it’s a misquote so I can’t blame the reporter. (I meant to say “apart from a bike light”)

great thing this article. it’s very promotion for unicycling and for christian thinking - for jesus !