Unicyclist on "Ridiculousness" on MTV

A friend of mine told me there was a unicyclist on Ridiculousness on MTV right now (I don’t have MTV so I can’t watch).

Who was it? Can we see it somewhere?

EDIT: Unicycle mafia apparently, I’ve read this name on the forums before I feel like.

It was Dan Heaton and hers a link to watch the full episode http://www.mtv.com/videos/ridiculousness-episode-13/1674740/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=36259&channelId=1

Great to see Dan is still at it! Does anyone know when that was taped?

I think it’s so cool that he doesn’t even have to ride; just sit on the couch and laugh along with the cast at old videos of guys beating up their crotches. :slight_smile:

If they wanted to show all the bails and fails, they should have started the segment with that, and then followed it with something like, “As with all extreme sports, there’s no gain without some pain. So here’s Dan Heaton, who shows us how all that hard work pays off!” That would have ended the segment on a positive note.

It bugged me on another episode where Rob Dydek in the Category “Fenced” or “Fence” where they were playing unicycle basketball and the guy is trying to save the ball and falls off his unicycle over the fence, and then Rob was like “Unicycles aren’t for sports, their for weird hobbies”

Boo. “MTV.com is designed for use in the USA” so I can’t watch it. :frowning:

You can watch it on youtube you just have to look for it, I saw it when I originally posted the MTV link

I saw it too and I filmed it

You must be under the mistaken impression that the point of this show is to end segments on positive notes.

Thanks for the youtube link. I love when there are ways around things. :wink: