Unicyclist on Nickelodeon, Oct. 24 (Wednesday) 7 PM EST

I posted about this before, aaaand I’ll be shamelessly bumping this thread until Wednesday. Sorry in advance. Watch it though. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Having someone record it. Looking forward to seeing it. Way to go!

They uploaded a short clip from it to their website. The full episode will be available shortly after it airs online as well.


The clip doesn’t work here but I hope It’s good for you!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I still can’t get this clip to work. I could see a bit, then it kept saying waiting for content. Bummer.

Just watched Julia!

NIce Work Julia! Excellent skills and great exposure for the sport. :slight_smile: Proud of you if that’s cool?!

The kids loved it. Hopefully my daughter will be inspired to put in some practice time in the driveway tomorrow. Congrats! Enjoy your Nintendo 3DS.

I just watched it! Nice job “breakdancing”. :smiley: I guess they needed to add in some words for the show.

I’m impressed that you didn’t mess up during your demo. :sunglasses: Even if I could do one of those tricks, I’m sure I’d mess up with everyone watching.

can you tell us when the full episode is posted?

I watched it earlier, to bad they figured it out after the first round, they gave away breakdancing with those dancer breakdancing

Thank you all! I’m pretty sure they only give one grand prize per episode, so since Peter got one before I went my clues were a little easy. :stuck_out_tongue: I will definitely post the link when they put it on the website, although it seems like their videos will only play in North America.

Haha thanks, I was actually a little annoyed (as annoyed as you can be when you’re in LA on the set of a game show) that I didn’t have much time to warm up or get used to the floor, so I just did some small things.

Has it been posted? I’m confused with previous posts.
It appears I can’t watch from Canada, is it possible for someone to throw it on youtube after it hits nick.com?

Yeah, I would appreciate that as well.

video of Julia riding on Figure it out

nice work Julia, I for sure would have screwed up.

They just had to throw a clown reference in there. :slight_smile:

Beautifully done! I didn’t realize you have only been riding for four years, that’s amazing. I remember meeting you three years ago in Bloomington, MN and I thought your were very good then. I can’t imagine what you will be doing three years from now. :astonished:

Thanks anton!!:smiley:

Great Julia and you didn’t even look nervous!! :sunglasses: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It was super good. i was proud of ya. that ones guy face was pricless. hope that inspired some people to learn to ride.

Here’s the full episode. :slight_smile:


Wait, are you a president or ex-president? :slight_smile:

You did great. But don’t be afraid to ask for some practice time. For unicyclists, the riding surface (and amount of space) have a direct impact on how awesome you can be, so if they let you do some warming up you can be awesomer for the actual show! An argument along those lines should work if they indeed have time for you to practice. There are no unicycle experts in TV; they’ll need you to tell them what’s necessary for best results.

But not a bad thing, as in this case the whole point was to show what makes her unicycle something more cool.