Unicyclist On Master Chef

Just saw Reese/Rhys on master chef. Recognized him from uninats. Great rider but those judges were, what i thought, unnecessarily harsh, bad luck man. I missed the very beginning of his segment but it seemed like good exposure of modern unicycling in Australia, even if people now think that unicyclists can’t cook and it was quite short.
What do you think?

I saw it too…Thought he looked familiar haha!

It was pleasing to not hear any stupid comments from the judges :slight_smile:

Hey I saw you at Uninats, how’s it going?

I didn’t see his segment but I did see it on the adds, He’s like… “I do stunts” and I saw him riding a kh on a rail and thats it ^.^

I guess the judges just aren’t really into “Fettecreamchee”.Nice uni riding shots on the intro and Reece unicycles onto set to present his creation to the judges.

I found the video here http://www.masterchef.com.au/video.htm?vxSiteId=fefcb37d-8e38-4dbc-a768-e8bb503ed226&vxChannel=CatchUpTV&vxClipId=2664_004MCTT240409&vxBitrate=300&vxTemplate=MasterChef_Index.swf&vxClickToPlay=false
Select part 2 of episode 1 from the menu on right.

going pretty good, Still trying to learn how to wheel walk though :stuck_out_tongue: the workshop at uninats did me no good lol!

I feel bad but i don’t remember who you are…i can’t see your face from your avatar :frowning:

I could not get the official site to play the video in any of my browsers, so
He didn’t impress the judges too much…:stuck_out_tongue:

The Judges don’t seem impressed, but I think it looks amazing. Recipe?

Hmm, sweet chili sauce, interesting.

Well that’s cool that he got on the show.

It looks like a calorie/fat bomb. Like regular fettuccine alfredo I guess. Tastes great; not great for ya!

Congratulations on making it onto the show! I’m sure the unicycle was a big part of that. With 2000 contestants, it must’ve been hard to rise to the top, where they’d pay attention. But those cooking shows are hard. Your dish has to be unique, but above all it has to be good.

That was an especially nice dismount Rhys did on that railing!

Let’s see ahh…

I don’t have black or red hair…

I have blue eyes…

I am 14 (was 13 at uninats)

I was playing chain chasy at smiths highschool and i was linked up with you at some stage…

Ring any bells :wink:

lol im not sure how he expected to have a chance with that dish.They go for looks and what is meant to go together rather than actual taste which is pretty annoying

I guess that makes sense for a TV show. We can’t taste or smell, but we can see what the person has made. But it’s reality TV after all, not reality. Which means Rhys was not necessarily there to show his cooking skills. He got himself some great air time and not only showed that he “can ride” a unicycle, but that someone might be better off hiring him for that than for his culinary skills. :slight_smile:

Yup yup, ringing the bells :stuck_out_tongue:

hows it doing?

His meal looked interesting…

haha yeah… good old rhys… he taught me how to ride :slight_smile:
but one of my friends has had his cream/ sweet chilli and it is apparently
fairly gross… lol