Unicyclist on Eurovision

The Moldovan entry to the Eurovision song contest was utterly bonkers but amongst other things featured a unicycling fairy! It made me giggle - a lot.

These are the guys:

Did anyone else see it, or was it a hallucination? With Moldova’s entry it’s pretty hard to be sure…

Yes i saw it!

Me and Blue were discussing it over in Most Replies :smiley:

What a wacky group of people eh :astonished:

Actually apart from their hats (or anything) their song was one of the most acceptable for me. And I’m the fan of unicycle fairy from now on :slight_smile:

The hats were exactly the sort of thing I hope to see on Eurovision! The crazy background animations helped too. But the unicycle fairy just topped the whole madness off!

For those who aren’t European residents - Eurovision is an annual musical contest with the entrants coming from lots of European (and surrounding) countries and the winner decided by vote.

It tends to be utterly, utterly mad as not all of the countries take it seriously and even those that do sometimes have unusual interpretations of “serious”. It’s a bit of a cult thing.

I’d have to agree, great song and great entertainment!

Me too! And note this: elsewhere onm the Eurovision site there is a feature on the Moldova entrants, including six photos of the group backstage. Of the six backstage photos, four are of the Unicycle Fairy, it seems they know what we like. :smiley: Her name is Tatiana Iliescu.

But they forgot to include the unicycle in her photos…

Here’s my favorite from the photos:

Thanks Gadfly…She’s Grrrreat!

I have one of those quick releases like in the picture:

Judging by the quality of the release it must be a cheap uni. The thread of mine is gone.

How did she ride?

Mostly she was just idling and blowing her horn… :roll_eyes:

Not blowing it. She held it to her cheek while it magically played a clarinet solo :wink:

Oh yeah, you’re right :smiley:

The fairy is around 50 seconds in: http://youtu.be/1aNK0L3XiYw

Very cool but looks like a cheap unicycle

Looks like a very cheap Chinese Unicycle!

Thanks for the link. I kinda enjoyed that. Once.

Once is definitely enough.

My first impression of the song was not much, but because I kept wanting to see the Fairy again I watched it a few times, and the song grew on me.

I typed Zdob si Zdub into my last.fm search engine and last.fm started playing lots of Moldovan, Romanian, Ukrainian etc pop music for me. Wow, what a goldmine of new music for me! Saving my life when I get stuck on the road in a company truck with no cd player, and crappy commercial radio stations.