Unicyclist on BBC radio4 this morning

A medical prof interviewed on the reactions of passers by to unicycling around Newcastle. Summary of the content at http://pegspirate.blogspot.com/


theres a piece on the bbc website about him too

Wooooo! From the article:

Unicyclists are irresistable. Science confirms it!

Full article:


Interesting. I also noticed the difference between male and female response to me as a unicylist. It is quite similar to the response I get while riding recumbent bicycle, so I don’t think there is any unique quality in unicycles that triggers this behaviour.

Now we need a study that shows how the sex life of squirrels is affected if they have to watch poorly executed muni.

His theory doesn’t explain why I get as many comments as anyone else.

If it was on R4 it’s likely to be available on Listen Again. Any idea which programme it was on, or what time it was broadcast?

“Today”, about 07:15 (I was hiding under the duvet). Couldn’t find it when I looked this morning.


It seems to have been earlier than you thought. I found it 18 minutes into the 06:30-07:00 section for 21/12/07:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/listenagain/ for the Today Listen Again page.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/listenagain/ram/today1_20071221.ram should be the direct link for that section of the broadcast.

…and for those who want to listen to an MP3 straight to the point, download the snippet here. 1.06Mb, just over three minutes long.