Unicyclist needed Los Angeles August 14th Paid Gig!

Hi Everyone,

For any unicyclists in the Los Angeles Area, I got an email requesting a unicyclist for @2 hours of work. Details are below. Unicyclist needed August 14th. This is a paying gig! She can be reached at this email. Her name is Jackie Linton >>>>Jacqueline(dottt)linton(atttt)gmail(dott)com

I have her phone number if you would like it. PM me. I left it off for privacy reasons.

Good luck!


[I]Dear Rod,

I’m looking for a unicyclist in Los Angeles for Tuesday, August 14th. The job should be two hours long at the maximum, and will pay $200.00.
The candidate will have their picture taken as a part of the event coverage, and must feel comfortable if it is used for a television spot about the event.
But overall, this is a stress-free job. It will take place at a large residence.

If possible, please share with your community — I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks kindly,


This is almost worth flying from NY to LA for…Almost…