Unicyclist Needed in Calgary, AB!!!!


I am trying to find a unicyclist in Calgary, AB. My company is hosting a scavenger hunt for charity, part of the hunt is to have a picture of a team member ride a unicycle! Please help! email me at fuchie@gmail.com for more info…


you could always use me I live in edmonton tho

If all you need is a unicycle, check your local bike shops. THey usually have one or two in stock.

Re: Unicyclist Needed in Calgary, AB!!!

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 13:22:28 -0500, “fuchie” wrote:

>I am trying to find a unicyclist in Calgary, AB.

I don’t understand the “team member” bit. I am a (Dutch) unicyclist
and I will be in Calgary for business next week, and partly the week
after. Would have some spare time on Monday and maybe on evenings. I
won’t bring any unicycles though. Does that work for you?

If any other Calgary unicyclist is attracted to this thread: I’m
possibly up for a ride if you can lend me some gear.

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