unicyclist needed for june 16th Manchester paid demos of sort.

OK so my dad runs a thing called cycle circus where we have various different unicycles, crazy bikes, all sorts check the website www.bigtopmania.co.uk
usually i am the unicyclist and i do the demoing, teaching and helping but i am not available for this weekend, so my dad is needing someone to fill in,
You need to have a fairly advanced level of riding but don’t want to scare anyone off by making them think their not good enough, and you need to be friendly and keen, this job will be paid work, it is a bike week event in Stockport, Manchester,
anyone interested should contact Pete at info@bigtopmania.co.uk

Cheers for your time


That’s just down the road from me but I’m down to work this weekend. I’ll see if I can shufty my shifts about a bit tomorow.

Up for it if you need it

I’d be up for doing this I Live in manchester and unicycle and currently work for Circus zapparelli, Would you want a high 6ft plus uni or just a normal unicyclist to be there I ride a 29er but have a 16" a 20" and a 12’er that I could possibly bring along
if you wanna get in contact www.myspace.com/house_of_mill