Unicyclist Logo à la NBA

Hi folks!

Check out my new designed unicyclist logo!

This logo can be used by everybody, if he/she respects the copyright! For more infos visit my website and contact me.

You are free:
to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
Under the following conditions:

You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.

You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

No Derivative Works.
You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

Re: Unicyclist Logo à la NBA

Nice idea. It needs to be anti-aliased to remove some jaggies.

It’s a bit odd to create a derivative work and then try to restrict derivative works.

You should make it in vector. Then it could be resized to any proportions withotu quality loss.


That design isn’t even very good. Some people might not know what it even is. You should try redesigning it.

k, thanks for your advices. It is now realeased in volume2.
It should change in the former post, cause it is the same file name at the server. If you see still the old picture, please refresh your browser (cache).


Wait… all this copywrite nonsense confuses me, can I make T-shirts, and give them away to other riders on the forum, if I make them pay printing/shitpping/shirt cost?

Yes you can, but you must mention the name of the author (me:D ) So place “schwingi.net” on your T-Shirt and you can print it. It could be small, but it must be there. :wink:

You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor

That design still sucks. You can hardly tell its a unicycle.

I think its pretty good…even though I bearly remember the NBA logo.

Good idea.

k, this is your opinion! I accept it! :smiley: :sunglasses:
However his name is Jess Riegel not Jess Riegal concerning your signature…

You’ve put your design on the internet. You copied it from the NBA logo. You ask us to respect the copyright, but you’ve offer no evidence that it’s truly, legally copyrighted or registered in any legal manner.

I don’t need or want to copy it, but it seems to me you’ve no legal right to your demands.

Peace, soldier.


Re: Unicyclist Logo à la NBA

Did you happen to check with the NBA to see if they have this “No Derivative Works” on their copyright? You alter it from them and then turn around and claim it as your own design, not to be altered. Sounds hypocritical. You are also stating that it’s a “Unicycle NBA logo”. There is no basketball in your logo so why say “NBA”? And NBA is a tradmark. Maybe you should rethink the whole copyright and trademark issue on your end.

Just my $0.02

If I were to use such a logo, I’d use it for uni basketball (to further annoy the NBA if they ever took notice).

Print shirts, sell shirts, send Hyperactive man a free one. Let him sue you. Where would that go? Let the NBA sue you. Where would that go?

As for the NBA, they do not own the concept of a red and blue background. I would guess that as long as your unicyclist’s pose is not too similar to the one in the NBA logo you are not infringing on their copyright.

But I’m not a lawyer.

Bass Ale doesn’t own the concept of a triangle, but if I brew my own beer and try to sell it with an upside-down red triangle on it, I could be successfully sued by Bass.

If you were to use the logo in any commercial context (for example, for unicycle basketball jerseys at NAUCC), they could claim that it implies endorsement by the NBA and hit you with a cease-and-desist order.

It all looks fairly good except the left arm. I would try to modify the left arm a bit perhaps. If time after that, maybe the wheel, but the wheel doesn’t really annoy me.

agreed that you would lose that battle with the NBA :- )

Any one ever heard of the MLB or NLA
thay have the same dezine concept.