Unicyclist Locator - England

Find Unicyclists in your area.
Know if there are enough people in your county for a club.
And know the most unicycle inhabited area for your next holiday :D!

The idea is that you copy the image below and paste it to a program like microsoft paint then put a red dot in the area that you live. Then save the image to “My computer” and upload it to a site like www.photobucket.com and the [IMG] Tag into your poste. People can then easily see if a unicyclist lives in certain area. And to find out who that is just look for the point in the thread when that dot isn’t there then keep going fowards until you see it appear.

cant I just say I live in Colchester?
Oh, and PM me if your heading this way :smiley:

sam, dont put your email on here without expecting a huge amount of spam. (no, no the edible stuff!)

Isn’t this what the map is for?

oh, didnt know about that… errmm yeah… close this thread?