Unicyclist Locations

I started a map of unicyclist locations

Please add yourself to the map. I suggest that you add a marker in the middle of your town/city rather than your house.
Please add your marker like this:


If you just want to add your details to this thread then I will add them too if you don’t want to edit the map yourself.


#unicycle on irc.freenode.net

Tried to edit the map, but failed :smiley:

Name: tadpole
Unicycle: 24" Qu-ax Muni
Riding: 4 months

in Deggendorf/Germany


I think you have to log into a google account and add it to maps but I am not sure…

I will add you :slight_smile:


I’m hardly able to plan my trips on google earth, never tried to edit a map before :smiley: Thanks :slight_smile:

Well you have been added. Now there are three :slight_smile:

I sure hope we can fill up this map.


Tried to find a way of adding a marker, but to no avail.
Add instructions as comments or something, but for now :slight_smile:

Canterbury, UK

Unicycle: 24" Kris Holm Muni
Riding: ~1 year

Last Update: 20th July 2010

Hmm, I will see what I can do in a bit.

Just realised that we don’t ned last update as google tells you anyway…

You have been added


Ahh this seems to be going well so far :slight_smile:

You know, the top links of this website, one of them is labeled “map”. Might want to check that one out.

Do we need another map? There’s already one in the top menu. Pretty much people added there.
More in the topic: Put yourself on the map!

Mowcius new he missed something…


Ok, all added locations being added to that map.

I did look for one. I thought I had seen one somewhere…