Unicyclist joke on TV

I was watching a repeat of ‘They Think It’s All Over’ (comedy sports quiz show) on UKTV G2 last night and heard Rory McGrath (comedian) crack a joke to Suzi Perry (motor sports TV pundit) involving unicyclist so I recorded it (Sky+ is great for that) and I’ll uploaded the clip when I can get into the gallery!

This is the transcript.

Rory: So you think two wheels is sexier than four wheels?
Suzi: Definitely.
Rory: Well I’m a unicyclist.


Heheh, that’s actually quite good :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to remember that one. Could come in handy one day.

that is the greatest f**king pick up line i have ever heard!

its gonna do wonders for me.

I’ve put the unicyclist joke clip in my video gallery (small and large versions)

Probably the lamest joke i ever heard. :smiley:

I’m gonna use that someday. I swear.

yeah, thats great!

I saw it when it was on BBC. I love They think its all over, and Have I Got News For You too. It was great when they where back to back on friday nights… ah… those were the days! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rory is so quickwitted, he’s class!