Unicyclist invasion .. today was f-in awsem

Today i invaded

Im thirteen and atend ida price middle school
anyway i unied to shcool today and i was thinkin bout how fun it would be to ride during school. then the bell rang and without thinking headed towards firsst period it was cool i rode from class to class and at brunch and lunch only twice did they ask what i was doing.

Re: Unicyclist invasion … today was f-in awsem

…dude… you’re saying they let you ride the unicycle through the hallways? Jebus, that’s swick!! I wish my school would let me… well, I’ve never tried, or asked, but I seriously doubt they would.

Riding in’s in the halls? Dope… I wish we were allowed to at my school, there are sooo many good trails lines inside, but I am afraid our Admin. and the fact that there are a ton of students in the halls at any given time, would stop me…

But it seems like you should uni less inside school and concentrate on spelling… just jokin’:wink:

Me and two of my friends bring our unis to school everyday. Our school is pretty lax on stuff like that (private school) and we don’t really have hallways (we have a big open campus), so during my free periods we usually do trials stuff around our campus or just cruise around playing frisbee or something. I ride to all my classes ( and they’re a good distance apart) except there are alot of hills, I usually walk up them if I have a backpack on. Most people, teachers included, are pretty used to it now and alot of people have tried to learn.

unicycling indoors is pretty fun. During second period, I ride all around the 4th, 3rd, and 1st halls because security is low. If someone sees me, then they either yell, tell me to get to class, or ask if they can try. I assist 2nd period, so don’t be thinking I ditch.

well they dont let me i just dont get caught

I have ridden my unicycle in school because the principal used to ride one when he was younger and he wants to see what new Ive learned. This is only rarley and when nobody is looking.

for some reason he dosent want to try again.

sorry for this extra post

One time when we stayed in a hotel me and my dad rode around the hallways and up and down the elavater.It was 11:00 at night,thuogh,so nobody caught us.

my dad and two of my unicycling friend’s dad’s all work at the University of Idaho, where we regularly ride. So we often go ride through their office building to ‘visit’ them, but it’s really just an excuse to be allowed to ride through buildings. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have yet to ride a unicycle through school, but i did ride a skateboard through the hall… i got a dentention.

Haha, I did this at my college a few years ago and ended up escorted off the university campus by police officers.

I could ride uni in my school, everyone just smiled and told me how impresisng it was.

I have tried to ride in our hospital, corridors as far as the eye can see, it’s wonderful.
A security guy told me to go play somewhere else, but i got alot of smiles in my 45 minutes of fame there. :slight_smile:
Edit: The riding in the hospital were naturally very controlled.
I had the thought of going to the child-care, but the security guy stopped me from riding anymore. :confused:

i can ride my uni at my school all the time!!! all around, in and out.

Lucky, Im not allowed to uni in my house…:smiley:
EDIT: im not home schooled, he is:)

Re: Unicyclist invasion … today was f-in awsem

“Checkernuts” <Checkernuts@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> Haha, I did this at my college a few years ago and ended up escorted off
> the university campus by police officers.

I went to college at HMC [http://www.hmc.edu/org/gonzo/], where it
wasn’t considered out of the ordinary to ride to class. We didn’t
ride inside classroom or administration buildings, but it was never
far to walk and you could your unicycle at the door on “warts”
(allegedy decorative concrete blocks). Nobody worried about stolen


I ride uni around my school regularly.

But hey - it’s MY school! :smiley: