unicyclist in Richard and Judy

i just rememberd i saw some unicyclists on the Richard and Judy show on channel 4 a while back. Anyone knows who these riders where you helped me get in to riding.

2 guys and a girl i think

ok i know who it was now it was Amanda, richard lewis (loosemoose) and joe baxter (joe).

yey i thought what you did was amazing hahah Richard and Judy

Hey wow, I actually inspired someone, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :p.

It was a good day, and the final cut (although being very short) was put together in such a way as to try and play down the massive difference in skill between Me (rubbish, at the time) and Amanda and Joe (awesome).

See you at BUC?


ull see me on the sat if all goes well

ill be the one falling off haha