Unicyclist in Rhode Island

I was just wondering if there were any other unicyclists in Rhode Island who might be interested in riding together?

My brother and I are 13 and we ride trials and muni in Rhode Island. We are so suprised that there are other riders in our small state! What type of unicycling do you like? We were thinking about starting a unicycle club with some other kids. Maybe you could join and help it get started.:slight_smile:

Sounds great! My brothers are teaching me how to ride. We live in the country and I practice on our bumpy driveway. I would love to help you start up a club - don’t foget to count me in!:wink:

Funny, for such a small state you’d think you’d bump into each other. Barring that, check out this thread, which leads back to this one.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Hey guys, my name is Derrek, i live in cumberland, i have a couple friends that ride too, we juss got started , maybe we can get in touch and ride together sometime…we were thinking about started a club too, so let me know wats up !!!

and i meant “starting a club”***, not started